Riku Poskiparta

Hello Visitor!

It looks like you have stumbled upon my home pages, so please feel yourself welcome!

On this site you can take a look at my spray paintings, wood works and my nature phenomena photos, that I shoot with my mobile phone. Sometimes there might also be some other photos, because nature is very amazingly picturesque.

I have started wood working hobby and photography couple of years ago.

For my works at my workshop, I'm using wood, stone, metal, resin and many other things. I have been doing spray paintings only for a couple of months now (my first painting was finished in November 2021), so I still have a lot to learn. Spray painting is an exciting hobby, because it is possible to paint almost anything and only limits are my imagination and technical skills.

Whenever weather permits, I'm out in the field shooting the Milky Way, thunderstorms, noctilucent clouds and northern lights and other natural phenomena. I'm taking all nature phenomena photos with my mobile phone camera.

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Thank you for your visit, and please come again soon!

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